Balloon Watch Extravaganza of Science

Hello Spacefans!

You are in the right place. This is where you can follow along live on launch day. The FAST team is gearing up for many  more launches this season. Our next official launch is scheduled for January 5th at around 4:00PM Pacific Time from the Las Vegas area. We plan to launch two or three “floaters” (long distance balloons). NOAA HYSPLIT data shows that high altitude winds are favorable for a long distance run across the US. If we get super lucky the trip would continue across Canada, the tip of Greenland, then across Iceland and northern Europe. Of course the farthest we have ever gone is about 900 miles in 18 hours so don’t get your hopes up too high…

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Tune into the livestream below. Because we have the freebie, you’ll have to wait or watch a commercial before the video starts. If we are not yet live, the player will default to showing you our last video but will stop and ask you to view another commercial (or wait again) as the livestream starts. Livestreaming usually starts 1 hour before launch.

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  • Eric Lujan

    Looks good! Will be following along from home!

  • kc5trb

    What frequencies will be in use?

  • flyapple

    APRS: 144.390 MHz. Our beacon is N9VAR-4.

  • kc5trb

    That was a weird flight path over Tuba City!

  • flyapple

    Sure was–taking a few turns on the catwalk before heading out of town.