Science Academy

Flying Apple Space Technologies is a high-altitude balloon launch program that challenges participants to direct and design a near space exploration mission on board a latex weather balloon. The program culminates in an opportunity to launch and track a weather balloon that will explore Earth from 100,000 feet.

The mission scenario asks participants to assume functional roles to prepare for launch day. Working together on a high-stakes space mission highlights important interdisciplinary communication and teamwork skills in an incomparable learning environment. Teams also have the opportunity to learn from professionals in science and industry and the opportunity to earn an FCC Amateur Radio License.

Flying Apple was founded by astrophysicist Dr. Amanda Maxham in 2011 with a NASA Space Grant. Check out our summer programs or contact us to see how we can customize a program for your group.

Student-produced video compilation of Flying Apple Space Technologies (FAST-6) balloon launch from UNLV’s Summer Academy